Reasons Why Sleep is Very Important

Everyone needs enough sleep – it is incredibly important to everyone…s-very-important/’s health. However, some individuals belittle its importance, making them more at risk of acquiring various health issues.

In comparison to the past, people today are sleeping less and are getting low sleep quality because of various reasons; these reasons include – work, nightlife, e-gaming, home and work-related stress, and more.

But did you know that quality and adequate sleep can make you feel better? Sleep is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and these are the reasons why:

#1:  It keeps your heart healthy

Sleep can keep your hear heart healthy; it helps decrease the work of your heart, as it lowers the blood pressure and the heart rate. Having the right quantity and quality of sleep, the heart functions healthily during the day; thus, it keeps you from acquiring cardiovascular disease.

#2: It helps improve productivity and concentration

After a long day of work, your brain needs enough time to rest. However, if you are depriving yourself of the right quantity and quality of sleep, it greatly affects your cognition, concentration, performance, and productivity.

According to some studies, sleep deprivation can affect the brain’s functions just similar to alcohol intoxication; thus, affecting your cognition and decision-making. A published study explained that sleep deprivation can affect distinct cognitive processes including memory, information intake, ability to understand and decide, and even the entire mental health.

So, if you want to function well during the day or throughout the day, make sure to get that recommended quality sleep, which is 7 – 9 hours.

Also, do not underestimate naps; quick naps during the day can help freshen-up your mind more than caffeine can do. Napping can make you smart too.

#3: It can help reduce the risk of depression

Although sleep deprivation does not cause depression; there is a significant link between sleep deprivation and depression. According to a study, sleep plays an important role in the production of essential hormones and chemicals in the body, which include serotonin (the happy hormone). People who are deprived of sleep can affect the production of serotonin; thus, with low production of serotonin, your brain reacts, which affects your mood and some cognitive functions, which may lead to depression.

#4: It promotes healing

Sleep does not only promote mental or cognitive healing but it also helps restore damaged muscles and improve the immune system.

Several studies have explained that when an individual sleeps, the body starts to produce enough white blood cells; these cells are responsible for defeating viruses and bacteria that are trying to attack the immune system. Also, with enough quantity of white blood cells, it helps rebuild damaged tissues. For this reason, every medical practitioner is always encouraging their patients to have enough sleep and rest for fast recovery.

Final Thoughts

There are more reasons why you should not underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleep is considered as one of the foundations of health; depriving oneself with sleep can cause various health problems. So, take a good rest and go to sleep.