About the Use of Sex Toys for Men

Who hasn’t heard about ‘’Sex and the City?’’. The movie series which was launched in the 90s caused cultural shockwaves, as it was basically depicting women masturbating and enjoying the use of sex toys. This movie series caused a huge leap forward towards not treating sex as a taboo subject anymore but fast forwarding this to 2018, we still have problems in certain areas which have to do with sex life. Masturbation, for example, is still something very taboo and straight men often feel ashamed of masturbation and using sex toys. This should stop because there are numerous benefits that come with the use of sex toys for men.

If you are interested in learning more about why men should use sex toys and not be ashamed of it, one of the biggest benefits is represented by a much improved sex life. Yes, you can become a better lover if you decide to use sex toys for men every once in a while. Toys will allow you to explore yourself and thus discover yourself; you will also learn how to prevent immediate penis-centric masturbation, which is going to be in your advantage, as well as in the advantage of your lover. Also, a good selection of sex toys for men will help you break down cultural barriers and basically do a bit more than just what you were taught to do. Another great benefit that comes with the use of a sex toy by a man in private, on his own, is later felt by the partner; in easier words, sex toys for men will help you learn to delay orgasm and how to remain hard after orgasm. Of course, this is something that opens the road to multiple orgasms. How great would that be? Multiple orgasms is something that very few people get to experiment but you and your partner can easily enter that group of people if you are a bit more open about trying all sorts of things, including the use of sex toys. A

So, as you can see, the use of sex toys can bring a lot of benefits. However, few men are open at the idea of trying something like this and the explanation is simple: they struggle with internalized homophobia and are afraid of seeming ‘’gay’’. What does it mean if they enjoy it? What would it mean to even just explore the idea? Does it mean that there is actually a different type of sexuality hidden somewhere inside? No, the answer is no. There is no connection between the use of sex toys and being gay; using sex toys only means that you want to change something about your sex life and improve it. Nothing more than that. I know that the idea might be scary in the beginning but you will quickly realize that it is not like that. Sex toys for men can significantly change your sex life for the better, so consider trying them at least once and see how they feel.